Safer Churches


No matter who we minister to, we want that ministry to be safe, encouraging and strengthening for both those being ministered to, and those who are serving within that ministry. ACC VIC safer churches provides training workshops for credential holders, board members and volunteers in safer church ministry. The ACC VIC safer church officer can also provide assistance and advice to churches as they implement safer church guidelines and procedures and if they have the need to report any incident.

Safer Churches national helpline: 1800 070 511

Safer Churches Training

All ACC Credential and Certificate holders are required to complete Child Protection Training to maintain their Credential/Certificate. A refresher course is required every three years, in line with best practice and accepted standards. Before commencing the credential process, Senior Pastors are to ensure that candidates have completed the required Safer Churches training.

ACC has developed the following training options in conjunction with Safe Ministry Resources (SMR) for all ACC people and pastors.




National Police Check

As part of the ACC credential process, candidates are required to provide a National Police Check.

To apply for a police check online, please click here.

Local Church Safer Churches Resources

ACC local churches, as self-governing entities, bear the ultimate responsibility for implementing the ACC Safer Churches strategy in the church.

The ACC Child Protection Policy was adopted at the 2015 National Conference with an implementation date of 1 December 2015.

To assist ACC local churches and pastors with implementing the Safer Churches strategy, the tools and resources are available to download from our National website –

For further resources to assist you with implementing your Safer Churches strategy please refer to:

Training & Implementation

Pastoral and Family Resources

In keeping with National Child Safe Principles 3, 7 and 8, ACC is committed to providing resources for Parents, Carers, Children and Young People as well as those who are ministering to families in any way. The following sites provide helpful information in regards to safety and access to support. As these are secular websites, they may include some content that is not consistent with ACC beliefs, so discretion may be required when using these sites.

Redress and Survivor Support

ACC recognises the enormous impact child sexual abuse has in a person’s life. For information and support go to:


Ps Ramon Raux

State Office Manager

Tel: 0414 810 985

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Ps Mark Bates

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