JUNE 14, 2016

I said to my wife one day; “do I need to go to Church today?” She told me I had to, I was the pastor. Church can get really boring. In the light of busy lifestyles, family needs and more interesting pastimes, Church can be a chore. We ask people to give up their Sunday morning generally and in a church of 100 use up 200 man hours of time. Duty, and responsibility can only take a person so far. “Ought to” and “should” are not a language long sustained. Even if the die hardship do keep coming, when Church is a bore, visitors don’t come back and people don’t bring friends.

 God is not boring. Some things that will take the bore out: preach with enthusiasm, preach life relevant stuff, preach short, use audio visuals, be creative, adjust routine, introduce the true power of God, pray, prophecy, lay hands on people, liven up the calendar with focused events, introduce things that will make people laugh and cry, celebrate often, sing with a tempo that doesn’t drag, worship in short bursts, have a dynamic one hour service instead of a boring two hour one, good coffee and cake, a great welcome, less words and not more, finish on time, no talking head announcements – use PowerPoint at least, move the elements of the service around, get younger visiting speakers, don’t have a communion sermon, don’t let people who no platform gift to ‘have a go’, and, the list goes on. Boring meetings are usually ill considered and ill planned meetings that have fallen in the ruts of easy and usual. You will have creative people who can be mobilised to plan your meetings and a there is world of non boring Church ideas on Google. Consider using them.