Happy Brains

AUGUST 26, 2016

Our brains love lists. Lists gel well with the brain’s cognitive penchant for categorisation. It’s no secret that people love lists. Ten ways to do this, five ways to do that. They minimise choice and make it easy to process data. Psychologically, the list enables us to digest information in bite-sized form and makes the big picture more manageable. Daily lists enable people to plan their work and work their plan.

Lists are also the pastors best friend because they show us what needs to be and what can be. Lists of daily and weekly and monthly tasks that we work through rather than just going with the urgent or the lazy, make us productive and satisfied. The discipline of taking thirty minutes to write lists will open up our possibilities big time.

There are organisational lists such as updating church contacts for better communication, special dates a year ahead for better structure, or lists of people we could invite to train our leaders or minister to our people.

There are opportunity lists such as a list of all the new people we could contact every month, or names of children our church people may be connected with and could invite to Children’s Church. Any business that doesn’t have a warm contact list is dead in the water.

There are brainstorming lists, such as what we can do on Mother’s day and other special days, what marketing opportunities exist in your community, or ways of lifting our venue.

The information found in completed lists will provide the inspiration and the structure needed to get things moving, create new dynamic, and real results. Try the discipline and the joy of lists. It will open up your world.

Focus on the basics nothing esoteric