May 01-02, 2020

Dear Pastors,

We are glad to announce that our new “Pastors Intensive Training” will be held over two days on the 1st & 2nd of May 2020.

Please note, that this curriculum will have a mandatory pre intensive online portion through Alphacrucis College. Once you have registered for the training, you’ll receive the relevant link to enrol and complete the online portion. Please understand, that you will need to complete the online portion before the above-mentioned dates.

This training is for all PMC holders even if they have previously completed the PMC 1 intensive. All PMC holder’s must complete the pre intensive online and attend the two day new Pastor’s Intensive Training before becoming eligible for ordination.

Please note, that without the completion of this training, PMC holders will not be allowed to progress to an ordination.

Costs: $100

Venue to be advised soon:

To REGISTER click here