Doctrinal Questionnaire Information


  1. Explain your views of the deity and humanity of Jesus Christ.

  2. Outline your beliefs on the Godhead.

  3. Explain your views on the person of the Holy Spirit, and deity of the Holy Spirit.

  4. How do you view the redemptive work of Christ and the salvation of man?

  5. What is your position regarding the Bible (the Holy Scriptures of both the Old and New Testaments)?

  6. Explain water baptism.

  7. Outline your beliefs about the baptism with the Holy Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit.

  8. Explain your views on divine healing.

  9. Explain your views on the Second Coming of Christ.

  10. What are your views on eternal judgment?

  11. What is your position on “tongues as the essential evidence” of baptism with the Holy Spirit?

  12. Explain your beliefs on the nature of Satan.