Australian Christian Churches International

The history of Missions in Australia is a rich one. From a single mission field in Papua New Guinea, to now where we are operating in over 35 countries, tremendous impact has been made.

Throughout decades gone by, ACC Missionaries have taken the Gospel beyond Australian soil with great faith and courage, and continue to do so to this present day. ACCIM missionaries are now achieving things in the space of a year that in the past would have been the results of five or ten years of work. We are truly seeing some great things happen on the missions field.

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Chaplancy Australia

Chaplaincy Australia is a National Department of the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) who is committed to communicating the Christian faith in a hands-on, compassionate and meaningful way.

Chaplaincy Australia is a part of the National ACC Chaplaincy Network linking Chaplains together with common objectives, practice, training and support.

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ACC Kids Australia is the National Department for Kids Ministry within the ACC. This ministry is led Nationally by Andy & Christie Kirk who have a National Team made up of all the State Leaders from around Australia.Each year ACC Kids outwork the 4 key mandates of REACH, TRAIN, LIFT & CONNECT through a number of events & networking.

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Youth Alive

Youth Alive is a Christian organisation that operates in every state in Australia. The concept for Youth Alive was formed in 1982 at a camp in Victoria. It was birthed out of a genuine concern and passion for reaching young Australians with a positive message. This concern was being felt in a similar fashion in Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales and Western Australia, and in June 1986, youth leaders from around the nation met in Melbourne to discuss plans to make an impact on this issue. Out of this meeting Youth Alive was formed with its first National director, Mal Fletcher.

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Women’s Ministry

The heartbeat of Australian Christian Women – to place value upon the individual and to present womanhood as God intended.

The vision of Australian Christian Women – to see men, women and children rise to their stature across the landscape of the Church.

The mandate of Australian Christian Women – to facilitate the above through partnership and in association with national & state AOG leadership

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Community Engagement

You wouldn’t believe what we’re already doing.

Nationally ACC churches do an incredible job engaging their communities! There are so many stories across the 7 days a week of churches supporting, empowering and building strong relationships in their local communities. This website is designed for you to share your stories easily, get inspired by what is already happening and to shift mindsets on how to relate to our local communities in a more engaging way.

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