Church Growth

Our primary mission is to propagate more healthy Churches in every community in Victoria that will effectively fulfil the great commission. Church Growth facilitates this mission by working with new plants as well as existing Churches wanting to join with us. On this page you will find information and resources that will assist the process.

New Church News

Find out the latest news with our new church’s.

 Blog by Ian

Conversations on church planting, health, and leadership.

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This section contains information that will help Church Planters to prepare themselves and their team for greatest effectiveness. The videos are not designed for inspiration but for information and taking the time to process the information presented by successful church planters will be of practical help.


The Association of Related Churches (ARC) is a US based Church Planting Association led by proven Church Planters. These videos are the 101 of Church Planting.

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Videos by Church Planters Alun Davies, Ian Kruithoff, Phil Shand and Tracey Shand that will give practical advice for new Church Planters or pastors who want to grow their Church.

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These two studies will help Church Planters to explore issues related to Church Planters and Church Planting. They are designed to help planters consider important aspects before they start.

Planting the Church

The Church Planter

Building Church Planting Teams


These initial resources have proven to be helpful to those launching or relaunching Churches. Once a Church engages with us, further resources will become available.

Springboard is all about empowering people for purpose whether that be for pastors, leaders, denominational leaders, business leaders, NGO or mission leaders. Drawing from extensive experience training, strategic coaching and personal mentoring will be provided to empower you and your leaders for their purpose. Specific programs along with tailored made coaching and mentoring are all available. For more info click here



ACC Victoria is committed to helping our ministers. Here is a new initiative to
assist you or your family and pastoral team in times of need.
If you or a member of your pastoral team and their immediate family have an urgent or
serious need for prayer support we will join together to pray. PRAYERNET IS FOR
Ps. Shane Lepp who is a trusted minister in the ACC will pass your prayer request on to
our senior pastors and ask them to pray for you in their ministry team or personal prayer
times. All your details will remain strictly confidential and will not be divulged around.
WE WANT TO SUPPORT YOU. Contact with your need.

Assessment Tools

These links will provide information about personal, team and church wide assessments that give valuable insight into their specific strengths and weaknesses. Coaching in their use is available.

Church planter assessment

Leading from your strengths

Natural Church Development

Setting Up

These resources will assist in setting up required legal requirements including; legal entity, banking, insurance, child safe programme, taxation and the like.

How to set up legal structures

Child Safe Policy

Growth Resources

This section will provide connection with material and people that have helped thousands of planters and pastors to grow healthy plants and replants.

Over 100 Church Growth resources

Grow Network

Hillsong Network

Mentoring Matters

ARC Churches Resources

Joining the ACC in Victoria

If you are considering becoming an ACC Church, we would be happy to catch up and have a talk. On this page and associated pages we have posted information that  we believe will help you in your deliberations.


The ACC as a snapshot

Australian Christian Churches (ACC), formerly known as Assemblies of God in Australia (AOG), is a Pentecostal Christian denomination and the Australian branch of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship, the largest Pentecostal denomination in the world. It was formed in 1937. It is the largest Pentecostal denomination in Australia and is the second most attended denomination after the Catholic churches. There are over 1,100 churches in Australian Christian Churches across Australia.


Church and Association

When you join the Australian Christian Churches you join both a Church Movement and a legal entity. The Bible governs us as a Church and the relevant government Act governs us in our United constitution. There are national and state executives that operate both as Church leaders and as a legal committee of management. Both aspects of our Movement provide benefits for and require responsibilities from the local Church. This provides the framework for our voluntary cooperation.


Purpose and Doctrine

We have a united purpose and a common doctrine as described in articles 3 and 4 of the United constitution. While our purpose and doctrine is fixed, our expression, style and methodologies to achieve our purpose and outwork our beliefs have great variety of expression.

Our purpose is expressed in our vision statement based on our four pillars; more Churches, more health, more leaders, and more togetherness. It is expressed in our mission statement; “Churches of thousands and thousands of Churches – together”. basis/



Along with a common purpose and doctrine we share common values which add to our culture. These core values enable a healthy long lasting fellowship to both exist and prosper. We value: our Relationship with God, the priority of His Word, our Pentecostal expression, honour for all people and authorities, integrity in our actions, as well as our genuine fellowship of Churches and ministers.

New Churches would need to hold to our common doctrine and values and work together toward our common purpose.

Benefits of Belonging

There are a great many benefits to belonging to a fellowship like Australian Christian Churches.  The truth is that the Churches and pastors who benefit the most are those that are engaged the most. As in any relationship the perceived benefits come from a commitment to that relationship.

Here are some of the benefits of belonging to a fellowship like ACC:

Benefits of Belonging

A Final Word

It is important that each pastor and church find themselves positioned where they believe that God would position them. We believe that our fellowship provides a healthy, productive place for pastors and churches to be positioned in the plan and purpose of God. Our fellowship has a rich heritage, an active and vibrant ministry expression today and an exciting, purposeful future.

If your church would like to be a part of that please get in touch.


Ps Ian Kruithoff

Ps Ian Kruithoff

State Church Growth Director

P.O. Box 518
Frankston Vic 3199
Tel: 0412 778 220

Ian is the full‐time Church Growth Director, coordinating Church Planting & Church Health in Victoria. He has been a pastor in the ACC for almost forty years, including 25 years as a senior minister. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in starting, growing, and bringing health to churches.