Helping Each Other

In our movement within the state we have people who have a wealth of knowledge and much intellectual property who are prepared to assist others. On this page you will find a list of people and programs who have been enlisted assist the growth and health of the church. You will hear from some of them and you are able to contact all of them.

Every church and every pastor not on this page is also encouraged to reach out and provide assistance and support to fellow ministers and churches. Together we can continue to grow in health and fulfill the mandate of reaching Victorians with the good news.

Regions and Districts

“The larger we become the smaller we must become.

Our regional and district teams are the foundation of building great relationships with our pastors and churches all across the state. Made of key leaders from both the city and country, these men and women are actively building the fellowship, implementing vision and supporting every pastor to see their church and district flourish.”

Ian Kruithoff
Coordinator, Regional Structures

41 Lance RD
Sunshine North Vic 3020
Tel: 0412 778 220

See the Regions & Districts section of this site for more information

Church Health

It is our aim to not simply have more Churches but to have more healthy Churches that can achieve what they were birthed for; to reach more people and to take them on a journey of growing and staying in the faith.

There are a number of resources available to help churches to grow in, or regain health.  These resources can be found on the Church Health page here.

State Church Growth Director: Ps Ian Kruithoff
ACC International State Missions Representative
State ACC Disaster Relief Coordinator

41 Lance RD
Sunshine North Vic 3020
Tel: 0412 778 220

See the Planting & Health section of this site for more information

Country Churches

Churches and pastors in the country have their own unique challenges and opportunities. The state is not a city-centric movement and recognises these unique challenges and opportunities. Therefore, Ps Ron Mallon, one of our well-credentialed country pastors, and a member of the state executive, has been asked to represent our country churches. Feel free to contact Ron for assistance that is pertinent to country churches.

Country Churches Representative: Ps Ron Mallon

Church: Generations Church
P.O. Box 216
Tatura Vic 3616
Tel: (03) 5824 3240

Victorian Pastors Emeritus

Many of our active and retired pastors are over 65 years of age and the state has appointed Ps Ian Fenn to engage with this group of ministers in order to support and encourage them in the unique challenges that they face. Challenges such as, retirement, failing health, ministry transition and changing times. Ps Ian has had many years of experience as a senior minister, church planter, and state executive member.

Victorian Pastors Emeritus Coordinator: Ps Barry Clarke

P.O. Box 7
Tel: 0419 789 479


 Multi-National Pastors and Churches

Over 40% of our metropolitan churches are wholly one ethnicity or have a service that is non-English-speaking. More and more ministers are coming from other countries and are feeling called to reach their people here in Victoria. People from other cultures commencing a church in Victoria have unique opportunities, but face specific challenges.

Ps Lucky Kanagasabai, who pastors Christian Life Assembly, leads a group of multi-national pastors whose role it is to liaise with and support other pastors and churches who minister to specific nationalities.

Multi-National Pastors Team Leader: Ps Lucky Kangasabai

374-378 Blackburn Rd
Glen Waverley Vic 3150
Tel: 0412 250 515

Management and Board Workshops

Healthy churches require healthy governance. ACC Victoria runs several workshops each year designed to equip boards and committees of management to conduct the fiduciary and financial requirements of their incorporations and / or companies. This is a matter of legal compliance and moral obligation as well as looking after the welfare of people.

Healthy church government and church governance produces healthy churches and less-stressed pastors. It also produces confidence in church members and credibility within community. Ps Mark Bates, the state secretary / treasurer coordinates a team of knowledgeable and experienced people who conduct these workshops. Be on the look-out as these workshops will be advertised throughout the year.

Secretary & Treasurer: Ps Mark Bates
Church Management Training Coordinator

41 Lance Road
Sunshine North Vic 3020
Tel: (03) 9240 6070
Mob: 0409 941 463