Five Minutes With Tim Douglass

Hi Pastor Tim, seeing as Melbourne is the coffee capital of Australia, where is your favourite cafe…and what is your coffee of choice? 

I have a few favourites.. but Auction Rooms is up there and I love my batch brew coffee and now that summer is here a cold drip coffee is an essential part of the day.

What are the highlights and/or challenges of being a campus pastor of Hillsong Church Melbourne – being interstate from your main campus?

I feel like I’m living the dream! Having the incredible privilege of working with our amazing team to build 4 different locations here in the best city in the world is a wonderful opportunity!

The highlight is always people for me, I pinch myself all the time that I get to work with some diversely gifted and extremely talented people to build the Kingdom of God! What a blessing!!

Pastoring a church and raising a family is no small feat, what are 3 keys you have found that help you live a fulfilled and successful life

Don’t try and do it all yourself; opportunity is a gift that helps finds gold in people.

Believe in people; sometimes the greatest gift to my spouse, kids, staff and church is my unyielding belief in them, to continually remind them of the incredible call of God on their lives and that He has given them the ability to go way beyond their dreams and expectations! When people know you believe in them despite flaws and frustrations, it’s the ingredients for a great future together.

Dream big. Then dream bigger. Then dream bigger. Then dream bigger again… you get the idea 😉

What was the best advice you received about life/leadership and how has it impacted/shaped the way you live/lead?

From my senior pastor Brian Houston when I would have been a young teenager;

“Never ever develop a wounded spirit”

It’s helped me more than any other bit of advice I think. Ministry has disappointments from all sorts of angles, its the hazardous part of working with people 🙂 but WE get to determine our response and the condition of our spirit. It may take minutes or sometimes even months but I’ve chosen to lead with a resolve of never carrying a wounded or offended spirit!

 What is the question you are asked most often by young leaders?

Being in my mid 30’s I count myself still in that young leader category but whenever I do sit with other young leaders The question is asked in different ways but the theme is the same – How do you become a leader with influence?

The answer is always the same; Love Jesus with all you have, love people more than you think you can and just keep turning up. Patience, consistency and humility are essential’s to any Leader, but especially to young leaders.

Ok so, let’s say you have the chance have dinner with 5 people, past or present, who would they be and why?

  1. Mother Teresa – I would love to catch any of her heart for people.
  2. Winston Churchill – an incredible leader who I’d fire leadership questions at all night.
  3. Steve Jobs – I love innovative thinkers.
  4. Charles Spurgeon – I’m inspired by his passion for people and the word of God and plus I love his sermons and would love to hear one live instead of reading them! 😉
  5. Donald Trump – just in case the conversation got boring 😉

Can you tell us something that might surprise us? 

I love to cook. It’s my happy place. You’re welcome to come over for a BBQ anytime!


Thanks for your time!